Spiny, armored Slug reveals ancestry of Molluscs

A 480-million-year-old slug-like fossil has been uncovered in Morocco, shedding new light on the evolution of molluscs -- a diverse group of invertebrates that includes clams, snails and squids.
Source: Sciencedaily

New Bucktoothed Ghost Shark Species Discovered

Hydrolagus erithacus has rabbit-like teeth. Credit: Kristin Walovich
A previously unknown ghost shark with rabbit-like teeth and a bulky head is making waves in record books; it's the 50th ghost shark species known to science, a new study reported.
At nearly 3 feet (1 meter) in length — about half as long as the height of a refrigerator — the newfound creature is the second largest species of ghost shark ever discovered, the researchers said.
"[Ghost sharks] in general have a pretty big head and their body tapers to a thinner tail. This

Scientists’ lives upended by Trump’s immigration order

Protestors opposing Trump's refugee order greet passengers arriving from international flights at Dulles airport in Virginia

Ehssan Nazockdast was planning to attend his sister’s wedding in Tehran in March. One hitch: The specialist on fluid dynamics at New York University in New York City is an Iranian citizen. That leaves him vulnerable under an executive order, signed by U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday, that calls for the rigorous vetting of applicants for U.S. visas from Iran and six other predominantly Muslim nations, and bars the entry of any citizen from those nations for 90 days while procedures for that vetting are put in place. Nazockdast has lived in the United States for nearly a decade, has a green card, and has two young daughters with a wife who is a U.S. citizen. But now that Nazockdast is branded with a scarlet letter, he dare not leave. “I’m living in a big prison called the United States of America,” he says.

The new executive order has sparked chaos at U.S. airports and angst in anyone from the target countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen—with a valid U.S. visa or green card who happened to be outside the United States when the order was signed. It

Cheetahs Are Racing Toward Extinction

A new study has revealed that just 7,100 cheetahs remain in the world.
Credit: Zoological Society of London
The research revealed that only 7,100 cheetahs remain globally and that the speedy animal has lost 91 percent of its historic habitat range. Due to human development,

Traditional Hunting Dogs Are Left to Die En Masse in Spain

Thanks to the hard work of organizations like Fundación Benjamin Menhert, many galgos are getting a second chance. 
Animal welfare groups are working to reduce horrific treatment of galgos, an ancient Spanish breed. 

Galgos are an ancient breed of hunting dog once raised exclusively by Spanish nobles. Today they must be one of the most abused dog breeds on the planet. Tens of thousands are killed in Spain every year, often in gruesome ways. Countless more are abandoned

They’re similar in appearance to greyhounds, with a smaller, lighter build, and have either smooth or shaggy coats. People who work with galgos say they tend to be loyal, kind, and affectionate.

Galgueros, the people who own and breed the dogs, use them for hare and lure coursing. In