Traditional Hunting Dogs Are Left to Die En Masse in Spain

Thanks to the hard work of organizations like Fundación Benjamin Menhert, many galgos are getting a second chance. 
Animal welfare groups are working to reduce horrific treatment of galgos, an ancient Spanish breed. 

Galgos are an ancient breed of hunting dog once raised exclusively by Spanish nobles. Today they must be one of the most abused dog breeds on the planet. Tens of thousands are killed in Spain every year, often in gruesome ways. Countless more are abandoned

They’re similar in appearance to greyhounds, with a smaller, lighter build, and have either smooth or shaggy coats. People who work with galgos say they tend to be loyal, kind, and affectionate.

Galgueros, the people who own and breed the dogs, use them for hare and lure coursing. In

Migration ranges of flying Birds depend on Body size and Flight style

The decades-long tracking of flying birds reveals that body size and flight styles determine the scale of birds' migration, as predicted by the aerodynamic theory of bird flight. A researcher compiled the migratory tracks of 196 species of flying birds recorded by electronic tags during the last few decades.

World map showing the breeding areas (red circles) and the furthest positions occupied by birds during the non-breeding season (blue circles). The two areas are connected by light green lines (for flapping birds) or light blue lines (for soaring birds). Credit: NIPR
The decades-long tracking of flying birds reveals that body size and flight styles determine the scale of birds' migration, as predicted by the aerodynamic theory of bird flight. Dr. Yuuki Watanabe, associate professor at the National Institute of Polar Research, Japan,

Spanish court Overturns Catalonia's bullfighting ban

Judges say Spanish state has responsibility for cultural heritage and Catalan parliament has exceeded its authority

Spain’s constitutional court has overturned Catalonia’s controversial ban on bullfighting, imposed by the regional government in 2010.
Nine of the 12 judges ruled that the “preservation of common cultural heritage” was the responsibility of the state and the Catalan parliament had exceeded its authority in banning what the court described in a statement as “one more expression of a cultural nature that forms part of the common cultural heritage”. 
The court conceded that Catalonia could “regulate the development of bullfights” or

10,000 endangered “scrotum” Frogs found dead near Lake Titicaca

Peru’s rare and endangered Titicaca water frogs are in even more trouble now, after 10,0000 of them turned up dead along the Coata River in Puno.

The river, which feeds into Lake Titicaca, serves as a water source for a number of villages in the region, but it is also used as a dumping site by locals, according scientists in the field working with the Denver Zoo to preserve the endangered amphibians.

“We’ve been following these frogs since the beginning of their decline in 2007,” Tom Weaver, an assistant curator at the zoo, told Fox News Latino.

About a week ago, approximately 10,000 dead “scrotum” frogs were discovered by Peru’s wildlife and forestry service, Serfor.

The Titicaca frog (Telmatobius culeus) is listed as critically endangered by the International

Funny: 5 Animals with Odd Jobs

Llamas mow lawns at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

Llamas mow lawns at Chicago's O'Hare airport.SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES
In summer of 2013, employees at Chicago's O'Hare airport searched for a sustainable way to mow the surrounding overgrown fields, hoping to eliminate potential habitats for birds and wildlife that could be hazardous to departing planes. Their solution? Llamas! The animals are cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and can even reach rocky inclines that traditional lawnmowers can't.

Manatees clear canals of weeds.

Manatees clear canals of weeds.
Manatees have held this odd job for over a century in Guyana, South America. The hefty creatures, weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, are able to ingest up to 10 percent of their body weight in weeds every day! Although they were never specifically hired to clear canals, the journal Irrigation and Drainage Systemswrote a paper commending the animals ability to keep the waterways clean and functional.

Dogs sniff out bed bugs.

Dogs sniff out bed bugs.SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES
Across America, dogs are being used to detect bed-bug infestations in private homes and public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and libraries. Their extra-sensitive noses allow them to identify exactly where the critters are, ensuring that every last one can be destroyed.