Los perros saben a quién pedirle comida + Prairie dog invades Utah

Los perros saben a quién pedirle comida (Getty Images)
Científicos italianos descubrieron que los perros analizan la relación entre los seres humanos para pedirle comida a quien consideran más generoso. Por eso cuando sacas una galleta de la alacena, te sigue con esos ojos tristes, efectivos para despertar el sentimiento de culpa. Y si le has dado de comer antes, más razón tendrá de pensar que le vas a dar de nuevo. (BBC Mundo)

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Utah residents in battle to rid town of prairie dogs (English)

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In southern Utah, folks have just about had it with prairie dogs and the federal government. Residents say the rodent has reproduced so much that it's a complete nuisance. And there's little they can do about it.

In 1973, the Utah prairie dog was labeled "endangered" under federal law. In 1984, the species had thrived enough to be upgraded to "threatened" status under the Endangered

But a quarter-century later?
"It's a plague, as far as I'm concerned," said Parowan native Bob Talbot as he stood atop a hill overlooking farmland that's come alive with prairie dogs popping out of holes.
In town, realtors say the prairie dog hurt their business during the housing boom. "People from out of state actually think they're cute," said Cindy Smith of CS Real Estate Group. "But once we tell them you have to pay to get them cleared. ...it's a whole different story."

The most striking example of the prairie dog's influence is next door in Paraghona, Utah. Population: 550. The town's cemetery has been ransacked by the critter. In some cases, the dogs have burrowed below tombstones, leaving gaping holes.
Her town has spent thousands of dollars on two fences to keep prairie dogs out.
But prairie dog experts oppose extermination.
"Love 'em or hate em, we gotta have 'em," said Lindsey Sterling Krank of the Prairie Dog Coalition. Krank says she understands the frustration of the locals, but believes the rodents serve a purpose.

"If you were to remove a prairie dog from the prairie ecosystem, the prairie ecosystem could fall apart," Krank said.
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