New Bucktoothed Ghost Shark Species Discovered

Hydrolagus erithacus has rabbit-like teeth. Credit: Kristin Walovich
A previously unknown ghost shark with rabbit-like teeth and a bulky head is making waves in record books; it's the 50th ghost shark species known to science, a new study reported.
At nearly 3 feet (1 meter) in length — about half as long as the height of a refrigerator — the newfound creature is the second largest species of ghost shark ever discovered, the researchers said.
"[Ghost sharks] in general have a pretty big head and their body tapers to a thinner tail. This
one was really chunky in the front, and just a big bulky specimen," said Kristin Walovich, a graduate student at the Pacific Shark Research Center at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in California, and the lead researcher of a new study. 
Source: Livescience